Asheville Crate Co.™ began in the Fall of 2016.

asheville crate company

The idea that building crates might be a good business opportunity arose when its founder (Josh) built a tiny storage crate to hold all of the scrap pieces of wood that were slowly taking over his workshop.  His wife (Maranda) wouldn’t let him use any of the hard plastic containers in the house because she was already using them all, so instead of buying more plastic, he took matters into his own hands and built his own wooden crate.

That was back in 2016.  Today his storage crates can be found in almost every room of their house storing batteries, electronics, baking supplies, craft supplies, spray paint, kindling, shoes, paperwork, lego, shipping supplies and of course, scrap pieces of wood.

The original four crates are named after the Asheville Crate Co. family...Big Daddy, Maranda, Sid the Kid and Sweet Trey.  The Plum crate and TooBits came later, as well as the Leroy Pet Crate and Golf Crates for golf practice facilities.  All of the Eastern White Pine and Iowa Cedar crates can be custom engraved with names or business logos and customers can choose nine different stain colors.

Their motto is Deliver Happiness.  It's now 2019 and Asheville Crate Company has delivered happiness to every state in the country and numerous corporate partners through their website and Amazon. The family business is about more than selling crates, it's about the journey of a family and its business growing up together.  

Asheville Crate Company is:

Asheville Crate Company

Josh, Founder (CEO) and Primary Crate Builder

Asheville Crate Company

Maranda, (COO) Crate Delivery and the brains behind the Company


Sweet Trey & Sid the Kid, Quality Control and Crate Stamping


thanks for choosing asheville crate company for your custom engraved crates!

Asheville Crate Company

deliver happiness