New Color Options for Asheville Crate Company

Sometimes change is good.  And it's definitely always good to try to turn a negative into a positive.

I did a Facebook post yesterday about how we had to issue our first refund after being in business for two years.  The customer didn't request a refund but she did voice her concerns over the white wash pickling crate we sent her; she was hoping it would be a darker white.  

White wash pickling has always been a tricky color.  Depending on the piece of wood, sometimes it shows up great and sometimes it's non-existent, even after a second coat.  

So we decided to turn a negative into a positive by changing up the color options available on the site.  

We've kept the four most popular colors:  American Walnut, Colonial Pine Vermont Maple and Pearl Gray and we've replaced some colors with five new ones.  

Gone are White Wash Pickling, Driftwood and Wood Rose.

Say hello to Cherry Blossom, Coffee, Deep Ocean, Green Tea and Pure White. 

These new water-based stain colors by Minwax are bolder, happier and much better for engraving.  We hope you like them!  I'll post a pic of the new white crate we're shipping out to our unhappy customer soon...we hope to turn that frown upside down!