Game-changer for Asheville Crate Company

There are moments in life we'll always remember.  Momentous occasions that establish who we are and where we've been.  Some are simple memories, some are game-changers.  

Like you, I've had my share of both.  I'm into leaving a legacy, creating and doing things so my kids can look back at their Daddy one day and say...'Yup, he was pretty cool.'  

A game-changer for me was about 15 or 20 years ago when I made a decision to just go for it.  I hired a graphic designer to put together a handful of feature articles, sidebars, photos and quotes all created by me for a junior golf magazine I called Golf Scratch.  First of all, the name was all wrong.  I should have called it Scratch Golf...but that's part of the learning process.  

When the first issue came off the printing press, my Dad and I drove around all day in his van and delivered my creation to various golf courses and facilities.  It was a game-changer for me.  

I eventually parlayed that experience into some pretty cool writing gigs for high-profile teams and websites.  

At Asheville Crate Company, EVERY customer is awesome to us.  When you make a decision to purchase a crate, that means we've established your trust that we're gonna make something you want.  

When Congressional Country Club contacted me about eight months ago, I literally asked the caller...'Are you really calling from Congressional?'  

Congressional is a game-changer for this business because they opened the door to a new market we weren't in eight months ago.  A market I first entered about 15 years ago with the help of my Dad and his van.  

So thanks, Congo.  Thanks for keeping me in the game.