Golf Club Crates for Congressional

It sure doesn't feel like golfing weather.  It's a balmy 10 degrees F this morning as we go all in on the Golf Club Crates Congressional Country Club ordered last month.  

We've got 60 to build, with the Congressional word mark engraved on both sides and a double coat of stain and water sealant for all of them.  Now that the Holiday season has passed, we've got time to double our efforts and get these in the van and delivered to Bethesda, M.D. before the spring golfing season starts.  

To save on costs, we offered to load these up and hand deliver them to Congressional ourselves instead of bulk shipping through USPS or UPS.  We're looking forward to the drive over to Maryland to see the course where Rory McIlroy won a US Open and where Tiger Woods hosted his annual tournament.  

Rory McIlroy at Congressional (photo courtesy SkySports)

Rory McIlroy at Congressional (photo courtesy SkySports)


There's a rich history at Congressional, their Wiki page is pretty impressive in terms of past and current members.  It'll definitely be a great honor to have our Asheville Crate Company Club Crates in use at both of their practice facilities.  

We'll be blogging and vlogging about the journey so check back to follow our adventure!

(PS...we offered to bring Sydney and Trey along on the journey to Maryland as sort of a 'bring your kids to work day' but they both said no cuz they'd rather stay home and play with dolls)