How much is shipping?

Shipping is $9.99 per crate.

All shipping is done via USPS with tracking numbers.  Shipping rates apply to individual crate orders only - not wholesale or golf crates. 

Where can I buy your crates?

Asheville Crate Company crates are available for purchase on this website via the Checkout process and can be found on Amazon

How long will it take to have my crates made and delivered?

It depends on the order amount because each crate is made to order.  You order, we build, and then deliver them as soon as possible.  Our goal is always to have them delivered within 10 days.  You'll receive a tracking number once the crates have been shipped.  The crates fulfilled by Amazon can be shipped within two days if you have Amazon Prime.

I'm a business owner, can I put my logo on your crates for wholesale orders?

Of course!  We wholeheartedly embrace the idea that if you're not branding yourself, you're branding someone else. Asheville Crate Company would love the opportunity to build crates for your business, they're perfect for displays or retail or to have around in your awesome store. They're very useful!  Hit the Contact Us button below to get in touch so we can discuss the particulars. 

I'm a business owner, what do I need for my logo on your crates?

Please use CONTACT US button.  We'll discuss how many crates you'd like and what's required for branding.  Basically, you'll need to send your logo to us in all black.  

Can I request something for you to engrave on a sign?

Of course.  Contact us and we'll work out the details.  

I'm a business owner, do you offer drop-shipping?  

Yes.  We understand it's all about budget sometimes, so we can drop-ship for your customers.  You promote them on your site, and when an order comes through we'll build and ship.  But space is limited for drop-shipping accounts so get in touch soon.  

Can you brand anything on my crates?

No.  Asheville Crate Company reserves the right to refuse to brand anything that is or could be in violation of copyright or trademark infringement guidelines.  Asheville Crate Company will not infringe upon any intellectual property and we will not brand anything with profanity or sexual content.  Thanks for understanding.  

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We started Asheville Crate Company in 2016.  Since then we've only had to fix two orders.  The first one was a customer in Texas who wanted a different color and wondered about returning his crate.  No worries, we asked him to pay the first crate forward to someone and we shipped him another one in a different color.  He was happy!  The second one was a customer in North Carolina who wanted her crate to be more white than the white wash pickling color we used to offer.  No worries, we came up with a new pure white color and shipped that out to her.  She was happy, too!  

Here's a link to our returns policy.  

Our promise is to Deliver Happiness.  Here's how we do it...