Closing Gifts for Realtors

Asheville Crate Company got some great insight from one of Western North Carolina's top realty teams a couple years ago.  The insight we received is why we hope you contact us today...we believe we can help.  

Before we reveal the insight, let us quickly tell you a bit about Asheville Crate Company.  

We're a family business based out of Asheville, North Carolina.  We started building wooden crates in 2016, and since then we've shipped our rustic crates to EVERY state in the country through our website and Amazon.  Woohoo!  Our gift crates come in seven different sizes and nine different color options.  They're all made of Eastern White Pine or Iowa Cedar...customers choose the wood and choose the engraving option.  

We are....

Josh - Crate Builder

Sydney - Crate Stamper

Trey - Quality Control

Maranda - Crate Deliverer


How Asheville Crate Company can help realtors

Back in 2016, our friend told us one of the top struggles realtors face is clients forgetting the name of the realtor who helped them buy or sell their home years earlier.  

Makes sense, right?  Business cards get thrown away, branded steak knives don't really fit into kitchen decor and easily get lost in the back of the cutlery drawer.  Even water bottles get misplaced or left behind.  

That's where the custom engraved crates from Asheville Crate Company make the perfect closing gift for realtors.  Our rustic crates are stylish, useful and they'll never get lost or left behind.  We'll custom engrave or stamp your branded logo on the side of any of our crates so clients will NEVER forget your name.  

Asheville Crate Company has been a fantastic addition to my business! They provide a local, custom, high-quality product that always turns out beautifully! The value these gifts have brought to my business and the joy they have brought to my clients is immeasurable. The customer service from Josh combined with the amazing product makes Asheville Crate Company one of my absolute favorite companies to partner with! Their diligence and care for both their clients and their community are so very admirable. They are the perfect business partners! My only issue is that I keep wanting to take the product home and enjoy it in my house... absolutely gorgeous crates that you can do so much with! I never want to wrap a gift again, they should all go inside a Cool Crate from Asheville Crate Company!
— Molly de Mattos - The Matt & Molly Team
Asheville Crate Company
Asheville Crate Company


1.  How much are these crates?  Do you offer a discount to realtors?

Of course.  The most popular crate for realtors is the TooBits crate because of its convenient size.  Not too big, not too small...the perfect size for custom engraving and to add some more of your realty swag inside.  The special discounted prices for realtors is only $20 per crate for the TooBits.  Please contact us if you would like the cost of our other crates.  

2.  What about shipping?  

We've got corporate shipping rates to ensure the cost to get these crates to you will be as low as possible.  For example...shipping one of these crates from Asheville to Wilmington is only $8.00!  

3.  How will you put our logo on your crates?

Your logo can be custom engraved or stamped.  Custom engraving will cost a bit more ($3 extra per crate) but stamping is no extra charge.  

4.  Artwork required for engraving or stamping?

We'll accept any artwork, as long as it's big and clear.  Vector art would be ideal because it comes out crisper but we've done work with regular .jpg or .png.  

5.  Will the Asheville Crate Company logo be on the crates?

Yes.  We normally put our logo on the opposite side of the crates so you can show off your support for local businesses.  All of our crates also come with a Handmade in the USA stamp on the bottom (courtesy of Sydney, the crate stamper)  


5.  Who makes your crates?

We do!  All of our crates are handmade by us.  We source the lumber here in Asheville and assemble them in the workshop we call Crateville.  We're a family business proud all of our crates are handmade in the USA!


Ready to give your clients a closing gift they'll never forget?  Or maybe you'd like to see a sample first?  

Get in touch with us by clicking HERE or give us a call at 828-206-1440


Thanks, and happy selling!

Josh - Founder of Asheville Crate Co.